Brendan Rehearsals by Devereau Chumrau

Some Throwback Photos of Week 2 & 3 Rehearsals for Brendan at the Theatre Banshee in Burbank! 

Top to Bottom; Left to Right

-Our rehearsal/performance space: Katy M. Darcy (Woman) McKerrin Kelly (Director), Catia Ojeda (Maria/Daisy/et al), Eamon (Declan/Et al)

-Our version of a 90’s spin-off spoof: Catia (Maria), Amir (Steveo/et al),  Cameron Oro (Assistant Dir), Me, and Eamon (Declan/Et al)

-The sunset behind the theatre and the front lobby of the Banshee

-Another spin-off spoof picture 

-Me and my script 

NeverwhereLA: Worlds Away: A Six-Year Journey to Find London Below by Donnelle Fuller. by Devereau Chumrau

An amazing entry by my awesome castmate Donnelle Fuller!


I’ve always been a lover of “worlds”. A book nerd before I could even talk, I loved nothing as much as steeping my youth in fiction that transported me from the mundane to the fantastical. I visited Oz, Wonderland, Narnia. Grew older. Took several spins through Hogwarts (who didn’t?). Grew older…

NeverwhereLA: The Petrified Performance by Bob Simpson. by Devereau Chumrau


“Greetings, and welcome to Sacred Fools’ production of ‘Neverwhere’…”

So begins the pre-show speech, delivered wryly by Jonathan Kells Phillips, playing the Marquis de Carabas in Sacred Fools Theatre’s production of Neverwhere. Jonathan is one gear in a well-oiled machine, a production so…

NeverwhereLA: WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO A Journey through London Below by Richard Mayhew Understudy Bryan Bellomo. by Devereau Chumrau

Amazing amazing words by the sensational Bryan Bellomo, way to go man! We love you!!



Forgotten? Oh right… Should I meet you there then?


You’re already fifteen minutes late for meeting me at your flat.


Right. Sorry, Jessica.

Thus begins Richard Mayhew’s tale, the epic journey of a…

NeverwhereLA: Cast Profile: Cassandra Vincent as Jessica/Lamia/et al. by Devereau Chumrau


Great stories are infectious and last longer than the moments it takes to read them, as do great experiences. They linger in the mind like an excellent taste on the tongue. Neil Gaiman’s work lingers like this for me. Years back when reading “Neverwhere” the first time I distinctly remember Lamia…

NeverwhereLA: Cast Profile: Marz Richards as Old Bailey. by Devereau Chumrau


“Nothing is ever easy, especially when journeys are involved.”

Any production of an adapted work by an author of great reknown is going to be met with a rising tide. Borne upon that tide are rafts made of the gnarled and knotted beliefs of my nerd brethren and carried upon those rafts are…

NeverwhereLA: Cast Profile: Jonathan Kells Phillips as The Marquis De Carabas. by Devereau Chumrau


Alliances are funny things, and allegiances are even trickier. Everywhere you turn, it seems, things can change. Enemies become friends, terrorists become heads of state, families unite and split apart, lovers become lethal foes…

I like to think the Marquis de Carabas has a healthy respect…

NeverwhereLA: Cast Profile: Michael Robert Holmes as Richard Mayhew. by Devereau Chumrau


You hear actors talk about their “dream role” or the “role they were born to play” from time to time. But then it happens to you and you realize exactly what a powerful experience that can be.

Since I was a kid, I’ve felt, well, off from everyone else. A bit of an outsider, or at least just…