/ by Devereau Chumrau

Day One “The key is discovering where you’re really going…”

Feb 10, 2013

SF Proper

Yay for day one!! Here’s a mock up of the set design by Michael Schneider! And another photo of the amazing cast!!! (Left to Right) Bryan Krasner (Vandamar), Ezra Buzzington (Croup), ME, Devereau Chumrau (Hunter), Michael Homes (Richard Mayhew), Paula Rhodes (Lady Door), Jonathan Kells Phillips (Marquis de Carabas), Carlos Larkin (Gary/Islington), Marz Richards (Old Bailey/Earl), Julia Griswold (Puppeteer/Ensemble), Cassandra Vincent (Jessica/Lamia).

The Read Thru was amazing today. I just sat there in awe of all the talent in the room. Very humbling. I just couldn’t believe how blessed I was to be  apart of such a production, and I have such a great feeling about this production.